more than 10 years that i've fell in love with one man, sound so long almost be a legend haha

but things not fun, really not fun, try to forget, try to aviod... from him.... from his girlfriend, try so hard and many many times to lie myself.

many times i had to be with you and your girlfriend in many trips that we should have a happy time but , i really don't like it, i will don't kill myself anymore, friend i can't stand this anymore,

recently i said i will quit, i still try to do, but i don't know how to quit you (brokeback mountain) i'll try by best, i dicide to quit this job, and run away from this office, runaway form you.

friend, not too long, you will breath with fresh air, not me around you, good luck to you and your love, of course we'll be friend forever as long as you want me to be, and i will.




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